Cosmetic Tattoos (Semi-Permanent Makeup)

Cosmetic tattoos (also known as permanent makeup) is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos as a method of replicating makeup, specifically eyeliners, lip enhancements and eyebrows. Permanent makeup enhances the features of the face immediately and create a lasting effect. It can last for two to five years, however will fade with time. There are many benefits to permanent makeup, including reduced costs and saving time from having to reapply makeup every day. Cosmetic Tattoos have differing effects based on several factors; environment, procedural and individual factors. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, book now for cosmetic tattoo consultation or appointment at Mosman Lashes Studio.

Cosmetic Tattoos (Semi-Permanent Makeup) Price
Ombre Eyebrows (120 mins)* $450.00
Microblading Eyebrows (120 mins)* $450.00
Microblading – Ombre Eyebrows (120 mins)* $490.00
*Includes 1 x Free Touch Up within 10 weeks